Fees Structure

Kayders Solicitors always welcome clients to contact our office to discuss anything that you need instructing us on.  We offer legal aid since we have legal aid contract for Crime and Extradition matters.  We do take privately funded work and all our work have to be paid by the client instructing kayders Solicitors

We offer a tailor-made service at an affordable cost to keep up to client’s individual needs and circumstances. We recommend clients to contact our office to discuss about the cost of your matter and we will aim to give you a bespoke estimated quote for your matter at the very outset.  These estimates are based on our experience and the amount of time that will normally takes us to complete the work. It is our customary practices to provide regular update to enable you to manage your cost budget more efficiently.  Furthermore, if there are changes to your original quote due to changes to your instructions and/or complexity of your matter or otherwise, we will inform you promptly.

We are able to offer a fixed fee for certain type undertaken at Kayders Solicitors, this will depends on the area of practice and complexity of your matter. We will normally discuss the options with you in our first meeting when giving instructions before any work is undertaken.

We normally charge an hourly rate as described below depending on the person dealing with your matter as well as the nature and complexity of your matter :

  • Partner & Senior Solicitors – £250 - £350 + VAT per hour
  • Solicitors, Legal consultants & Caseworkers with less than 10 year’s experience – £220- £250 + VAT per hour
  • Trainee Solicitors, Senior Case Worker – £165-£220 + VAT per hour
  • Paralegals- £165 + VAT
  • The above fees are indicative only and you can contact the office to negotiate an agreed rate where possible.
  • There is a standard administration fee of £250 + VAT for file opening, maintenance and administration

We offer different types of consultations for new or prospective client :

Initial consultation :

This is the first consultation with the client where we discuss your case briefly and we give you basic advice where appropriate.  We offer three choices to the client, the first is that consultation can be arranged for a face-to-face meeting at our office to be held in one of our private conference rooms or the consultation can be arranged over the phone or the third option the consultation cane be held via video link such as Zoom etc. Our fees for this type of consultation is £100.00 plus VAT.

Standard consultation :

The consultation is more enhanced where we may consider documents and information that you want to be advised on.  It is more formal consultation to discuss your matter and we will normally assess and advise you on the next steps to follow. We can offer the three choices of consultation as mentioned above. Our fees is £250.00 plus VAT for this type of consultation.

Enhanced consultation :

This is a more detailed consultation which usually consists of an in-depth assessment of your case and all relevant information and documents which is followed by a written advice or opinion where appropriate.  The fees for this service is normally £750 plus VAT and we can offer all three methods of consultation but our preference will be for a face to face meeting at our office.

Documents certification :

  • Witness signature £20.00 + VAT per signature
  • Documents certification £20.00 + VAT per document
  • I.D Verification and certification £35.00 + VAT
  • Deed Poll £80.00 + VAT
  • Simple Statutory declaration £80+ VAT
  • Aspostille of document £90+ VAT plus disbursement
  • Aspostille of document Fast Track £135 + VAT plus disbursement

Immigration fees :

  • Entry Clearance Applications
  • Visitors application £500 +VAT
  • Marriage Visitor £750 + VAT
  • Short-term study visa £170 + VAT
  • Student Visa £750 + VAT
  • Child Student Visa + £750 + VAT
  • Spouse £1,500 + VAT
  • Settlement £1500 + VAT
  • Family member, Adult dependant relative £1500 + VAT
  • Family Reunion £1500 + VAT
  • Skilled Worked Application from £4000 + VAT

In Country Applications :

  • Spouse Extension Applications £1,500 + VAT
  • Family/Private Life Article 8 Applications £1,500 + VAT
  • General Extension Applications £1500 + VAT
  • Naturalisation Applications £1,000 + VAT
  • Immigration Appeals £1,800 + VAT
  • Applications for Asylum / Human Rights (Up to initial HO decision) Available upon request
  • Asylum / Human Rights Appeals* Available upon request
  • Bail Applications and Hearing £1500 + VAT
  • Administrative Review applications £750 + VAT
  • POINTS BASED APPLICATIONS  * Available upon request
  • Legal Visits: £800.00 + VAT plus travel