Specialised Areas of Law

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide specialised services in high value, serious and complex civil disputes involving contractual disputes, Recoveries, Injunctions, Property Disputes and other kind of civil litigations covering the areas of Negligence, Aviation, Commercial litigation, Fraud etc.

International Litigation and Arbitration

We have expertise to provide efficient and effective services in the matters dealing with Litigations involving the entities from different jurisdictions of world including the arbitration. Our team has expertise to provide legal advice and representations in the matters involving application of laws from the different jurisdictions of the World i.e. comparative commercial, Civil, Environmental and Constitutional Laws.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We assist our clients for the amicable settlement of disputes in all the deserving cases by taking recourse to the Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration.

Corporate advice and Commercial Litigation

Litigations involving Private or public limited companies.

India Desk

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and now has taken position of 5th Largest Economy of world. The two Governments i.e. UK and India have taken multiple steps in direction of increasing the investments and trade and have been working in the direction of putting in place a UK-India FTA.
We, at the Kayders solicitors, have designed our India desk keeping in mind to provide the specialised services in multiple areas of laws for our corporate or individual clients with an aim to help them in the areas of law dealing with dispute resolution, emigration, trade, setting up business in India and UK.
We have strong association with some specialised associates and consultants practising in the different Courts of India (Supreme Court of India, and different High Courts of India e.g. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh, Patna) who are able to provide targeted services in the legal areas dealing with investment, Corporate laws, Investments, Debt Recoveries and in the matters of Alternative Disputes Resolutions including Arbitration. Our solicitor Kundan Mishra, dual qualified in India and England (being Advocate-on-Record of the Supreme Court of India and qualified solicitor in England and Wales), with experience of over 18 years of practice in serious and intense litigation before Supreme Court and different High Courts of India, is overseeing our India desk.

Matters relating to Blockchains, Tokenisation,
and digital assets

This is one of the evolving branches of law where we do Advise our clients on the laws and regulations relating to Blockchains, digital assets and the laws relating to regulation and operation of the businesses.

Criminal Defence - Fraud - Extradition - Civil litigation - Immigration -
Blockchain (Tokenisation) Regulatory work - Proceeds of Crime (POCA) - Confiscation Proceedings - Dispute resolution - India desk